10284 au musée du tram vicinal

Electric car 10284

Current state :


Electric motor car, with two bogies, known as « Eugies Type », built in 1936 by the « Ateliers de Braine-le-Comte » workshops in Braine-le-Comte. 

It is a « Standard métallique » motor car modernised in 1953 by the Eugies depot. 

The modernisation was mainly focused on the following points: suppression of interior partitions, installation of modern position lights, installation of air operated doors and replacement of the light bulbs by fluorescent lamps. 

40 motor cars were modernised in this way.

The 10284 started its career under the registration number 10167 on the Charleroi network. 

In 1949, it was sent on the Mons network. After its modernisation, it remained some times in the Mons region before moving to Brussels. 

Note that in its original version, this motor car was equipped with the H. Pieper electric fluid vacuum power brake braking system, (like our 9888) and electrical systems from the SEM company in Ghent, the main competitor of the ACEC (Charleroi).

Technical specifications :


Ateliers de Braine-le-Comte

Construction place:


Construction date:


Power source:

Electric 600V DC


4x ACEC MTVxxx



Theoretical maximum speed: