10308 au musée du tram vicinal

Electric car 10308

Current state:


Second class electric tram, with two bogies, known as « Standard métallique », built in 1942 by the « Ateliers Baume & Marpent » workshops in Haine-St-Pierre. It belongs to a family of nearly 400 motor cars, which have actively contributed to the modernisation of the SNCV network. It belongs to the first series entirely assembled by welding by opposition of older motor cars first equipped with a sheet of metal on wooden body and then a riveted metal body.

The 10308 was commissioned on January 29, 1943 to the Hainaut group. It spent its entire career on the Charleroi and Center networks. In 1966, it was saved by the tram museum in Schepdaal and then entrusted to the ASVi.

Technical specifications :


AteliersBaume & Marpent

Construction place:


Construction date:


Power source:

Electric 600V DC


4x ACEC MTVxxx

Horse Power:


Theoretical maximum speed: