A.2354 au musée du tram vicinal


Current state :


Baggage car with two axles, built in 1899 by the « Ateliers Baume & Marpent » workshops in Haine-St-Pierre. It was also used to carry parcels and small goods ! 

It was the train guard’s office, where once locked up and seated at his desk, he counted his receipts and carried out his administrative tasks.

The A.2354 ran on the Namur lines, where it ended its career at the end of the 1950s, for the track services. The frame was sold to be used as a garden shelter in Andenne, in a SNCV worker’s house ! 

Then it was restored by a passionate person in his garden and entrusted to the ASVi.

Technical specifications :


Baume & Marpent

Construction place:


Construction date: