A.8409 au musée du tram vicinal


Current state:


Wagon built in 1905 by the « Atelier de Tyberchamps » workshops in Godarville. This wagon allows a tram (metric gauge = 1000mm) to be coupled to a railway wagon (normal gauge = 1435mm). 

It is therefore equipped with two coupling and bumping systems.

To avoid wagons transhipments, some vicinal lines were equipped with three or four rails, with only one common to the others. This system allowed a tram, through this intermediary wagon, to tow railways wagons. 

The A.8409 ended its career at the Anderlues depot. In 1986, it helped to unload our « PCC » 10409 which was transported by rail to Anderlues from Belgrade!

Technical specifications :


Ateliers de Tyberchamps

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